ODE is the name of Lyric Poetry, by the ancient Greeks. This poetry was giving praise and was glorifying great events at those days, like Pindar, the ancient poet, did. He wrote the Ode to the Winners of the Olympic Games. Much later, the German poet Friedrich Schiller wrote the Ode to Joy (an die Freude), and was set to music by Ludwig van Beethoven, in 1842. Later, the same was done by Franz Schubert. In our days the Ode to Joy is the official hymn of the European Community.

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Discover serenity

We chose the Ode to Joy as the name of our villa for the uplift of the soul , which will be offered to you by Santorini island, the most impressive island in the world. You can sense this joy by living in the Ode Villa, or by swimming in the pool, or by having your drink in the outdoor lounge, and you will be kissed by the golden sunrays, while enjoying right in front of our eyes the most breathtaking sunset of your life.
The Ode Villa is perched on the rocks in one of the best places of Santorini, the Caldera of Oia. We created the Ode Villa in an exquisite architectural design and will top materials.

Best Memories

All the members of the stuff, and personally me, we have made the Ode Villa, to be the Ode of Joy which will follow you throughout your stay, so to make this vacation to be the best memory of your life.


See the amazing collection of photos from the villa and be enchanted by our terrific creation!